Graduate Bulletin

Fall 2019

Requirements for the M.F.A. in Studio Art

The Department accepts only full-time students into the M.F.A. program.

A. Course Offerings
Courses are offered in Visual Art Seminar and In Process Crtique. In addition, studio courses offered through other departments may satisfy area of concentration requirements, subject to approval by the studio art faculty and the Director of Graduate Studies.

B. Liberal Arts Requirement
Students are required to take three or four graduate liberal arts courses (in art history and criticism, literature, history, writing, anthropology, philosophy, musicology, cultural studies, among others).

C. Demonstrations of Studio Proficiency
All M.F.A. candidates should demonstrate proficiency through the development of a comprehensive body of work. Proficiency is determined by the faculty through periodic evaluation of the work, including mid-term and final critiques each semester, and thesis exhibition review by the student’s thesis committee in the third year.

D. Final Year and One-Person Exhibition
During the final year, in addition to regular coursework, the student will prepare a one-person thesis exhibition for the Lawrence Alloway Gallery. The written thesis should complement the visual work as an articulation of the student’s thoughts and objectives within the broader context of arts and ideas. Third-year students will also participate in the Paul W. Zuccaire Art Gallery’s annual M.F.A. group exhibition.

E. Teaching Requirement
All graduate students are required to observe a faculty and assist in teaching for a minimum of one semester; this course offers three credits toward the M.F.A. degree under ARS 531.  After the observation, a graduate student will teach a class as an instructor of record which offers an additional three credits toward the MFA degree.  Beyond these six credits applied toward the MFA degree, all other teachings by students with stipends will be part of their obligation and additional teachings will be required without earning additional academic credit.

F. Course Requirements
The student will be required to complete successfully 60 credits of graduate work, as outlined in the list of courses below. No graduate studio course may be taken for more than three credits per semester.

1. ARS 550 In Process Critique (3 credits) to be taken during the first year. May be repeated and counted toward studio credits.

2. At least nine graduate studio courses (27 credits).

3. Two semesters of ARS 580 Visual Arts Seminar (6 credits). Additional Visual Arts Seminars are encouraged.

4. Three courses in graduate liberal arts, e.g., art history, languages, literature, philosophy, etc. (9 credits).

5. ARS 531 Graduate Teaching Practicum (see item E, above) (3-6 credits).

6. ARS 532 Thesis Project (up to 6 credits).