Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Requirements for the M.A. in Anthropology with Concentrations in Archaeology, Social/Cultural Anthropology, and Physical Anthropology

In addition to the requirements of the Graduate School, the following are required:

A. Completion of a minimum of 30 graduate credits, maintaining a 3.0 average;

B. A course of study planned and carried out with the approval of the student’s M.A. guidance committee (this may require examinations, library research, laboratory study, and/or fieldwork as the basis of the M.A. thesis, which must be accepted by a committee appointed by the program—no final defense is required);

C. Minimum residence of one year.

The requirements for the three tracks in Anthropology differ, but students may take courses in the other sub-disciplines as electives. The requirements are as follows:


1. ANT 515 Theory and Method in Archaeology: 4 credits

2. ANT 527 Field Methods and Techniques in Archaeology*: 6 credits

3. Graduate Statistics Course (Approved by Committee): 3 credits

4. ANT 599 M.A. Thesis Research: 6 credits

5. Electives chosen from among ANT 510, ANT 511, ANT 512, ANT 513, ANT 514, ANT 516, ANT 517, ANT 518, ANT 519, ANT 526, and other courses offered in Anthropology, History, Ecology and Evolution, Marine Sciences, or other programs chosen with the approval of the student’s guidance committee: 11 credits

Total: 30 credits

* In some instances equivalent courses may be accepted if they have been previously approved by the student’s guidance committee.

Social/Cultural Anthropology

1. ANT 520 Principles of Social and Cultural Anthropology: 4 credits

2. ANT 540 Readings in Ethnography and Ethnology: 3 credits

3. ANT 599 M.A. Thesis Research: 6 credits

4. Electives chosen from among ANT 500, ANT 501, ANT 509, ANT 561, ANT 602, ANT 620, ANT 640, and other courses offered in Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, or other programs chosen with the approval of the student’s guidance committee: 17 credits

Total: 30 credits

Physical Anthropology

1. ANT 564 Primate Evolution: 4 credits

2. ANT 565 Human Evolution: 4 credits

3. ANT 567 Primate Behavior and Ecology: 4 credits

4. BEE 552 Biometry: 4 credits

5. ANT 599 M.A. Thesis Research: 6 credits

6. Electives chosen from among other courses in Anthropology, Ecology and Evolution, Anatomy, or other programs chosen with approval of the student’s guidance committee: 8 credits

Total: 30 credits