Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022

Anthropology Department

The Department of Anthropology, within the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a graduate program leading to the M.A. degree. In the M.A. program candidates may study toward a master’s in anthropology with a concentration in archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, or physical anthropology. Admission and degree requirements are the same but the course of study differs. 

The M.A. Program in Anthropology is designed for students who wish to pursue anthropological training for careers in education or for those whose undergraduate training did not prepare them for doctoral level work in Anthropology. Full-time or part-time attendance is possible. Students are expected to choose their subfield (archaeology, social/cultural anthropology or physical anthropology) and contact the Anthropology faculty member with whom they wish to study prior to application. However, the admissions committee, not individual faculty members, make admissions decisions. By the time they have completed 15 credits of graduate work, students are expected to request a guidance committee consisting of three faculty members, at least two of whom must be members of the Anthropology Department, who will guide them through the preparation of a thesis proposal and the completion of the M.A. thesis.