Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022


The Department of Africana Studies(AFS) provides academic excellence in teaching and research on African Diasporic life and culture as part of its mission at Stony Brook University. The M.A. Faculty of the Department of Africana Studies is composed of AFS core faculty, and Affiliate faculty from other departments. A listing of Affiliate faculty is available in the AFS main office.

Core Faculty

Asare, Abena, Ph.D., New York University; Philosophy and History; History of Ghana, (Truth, Reconciliation and Human Rights in Post Independence Africa).

Fouron, Georges, Ed.D., Columbia University: Social studies education; bilingual education; identity; Haiti; immigrants’ experience in America; transnationalism.

Gulema, Shimelis Bonsa, Ph.D., University of California; African History (Post Colonial Formations, Migration Economy, Identification, Urbanization and Ethnicity).

Harris, Dawn. Ph.D., York University: Caribbean History and Culture

Hurley, E. Anthony, Ph.D., Rutgers University: Francophone literature of the Caribbean and Africa; Caribbean poetics; Afro-Caribbean culture; Caribbean American literature.

Walters, Tracey, Ph.D., Howard University: African American literature, Caribbean literature, African literature; Pan-African literature; Black British literature and culture; 20th Century American and British literature; journalism.

Frank, Barbara, Ph.D., Indiana University: African Mesoamerican, and African Diaspora art history.

Oyewumi, Oyeronke, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley: Gender; race; family; cultures; social inequalities; globalization.

Professor Emeritus

Amiri Baraka, Playwriting, Pan-Africanism; contemporary affairs; literature.