Graduate Bulletin

Spring 2022


The Department of Africana Studies possesses in-house library facilities.  The  Richard B. Moore Library was established years ago with a generous gift of several thousand books from Joyce and Burghardt Turner.  Dr. Turner was a former Stony Brook professor, after whom the W. Burghardt Turner Fellowship for Underrepresented Students is named.  Some of the donations from the Turner family include irreplaceable early editions of items not found even in the general or special collection of the university.  They have also donated photographic and art work on display in the library.  In addition, the Richard B. Moore Library houses sculpture and paintings donated by AFS alumni.  Book and art items in our unit’s library are supplemented by a valuable tape collection, housed in a separate Media Laboratory and Archives. In this collection are tapes made by students of lectures, symposia, cultural events, demonstrations and other happenings held on campus during past years.  Also, AFS professor emeritus and poet Amiri Baraka deposited in our media archives copies of his invaluable video holdings dealing with key political and literary events with which he had been involved.  (These Baraka tapes will eventually become part of the holdings of the Schomburg Center for Black History and Culture). Our Richard B. Moore Library maintains regular daytime hours during the week, and is used by students from various parts of the campus.   

AFS also has a Computer Lab, maintained by the Division of Instructional Technology, with several terminals, available for use by students.