Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Double Degrees

Qualified students may be granted permission to earn double degrees at the undergraduate level only if one
of the majors leads to a degree that is specified as professional or clinical (externally certified) and the total
number of credits completed for the two degrees is at least 144 student completes the requirements noted
below. See paragraphs at the end of this section for additional restrictions. Notation of the successful
completion of both degrees is made on the student’s record and appears on all transcripts made from that

Double Degree Options:

Only the following currently offered undergraduate programs are considered to be professional or clinical
degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Engineering degrees in biomedical engineering, chemical and molecular engineering, civil
    engineering, engineering science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering
    (Note: Students planning to complete a B.E. degree and a B.A. or B.S. degree in the College of Arts and
    Sciences must complete the D.E.C. requirements or SBC learning objectives of the College of Arts and
  • Bachelor of Science degree in nursing;
  • Bachelor of Science degree in social welfare;
  • Bachelor of Science degrees in clinical laboratory sciences, polysomnographic technology, respiratory care,
    and athletic training

Students who are planning to complete more than one major in the College of Engineering and Applied
Sciences (CEAS) should note that this will lead only to a double major, not a double degree, regardless of
the type of degree program. Students completing a degree in CEAS may only receive double degrees if the
second degree is outside CEAS.

Students who are planning to complete the majors in biology and in clinical laboratory sciences should note
that these programs will lead only to a double major, not a double degree.

Students who are planning to complete a bachelor of science degree in nursing or a bachelor of social work
degree in social welfare and any other major should note that these programs will lead only to a double
degree, not a double major.

Students must be formally admitted to each unit granting the degree and have written approval from the
dean of each college. Approval is subject to review and final authorization by the Office of Undergraduate

Double Degree Requirements:

1. Certification of completion of each major or program by the appropriate department or school
2. Completion of University graduation requirements
3. Completion of general education requirements of each college as appropriate
4. Minimum GPA and minimum unduplicated coursework as required for each major and degree
5. Completion of 144 credits

Requirements within the minimum 144 credits for double degrees with the Health Sciences

1. 90 credits in the liberal arts (i.e., traditional disciplines such as English, history, chemistry, economics)
2. 36 of the 90 liberal arts credits earned at Stony Brook (other liberal arts credit may have been
3. 15 of the 36 liberal arts credits earned at Stony Brook in upper division credits (courses numbered 300
or higher)
Note: Minimum Health Sciences program credits are determined by the department and school of the
selected major.