Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Service Awards

Babak Movahedi Senior Leadership Award

Established by Babak Movahedi '82, this award is presented to a graduating senior who has made a significant change in the University environment by bringing together various constituencies through the development of community life.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Merit of Excellence Award

This award is presented annually by the Pi Delta chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority to an African American, Latina, or Native American woman completing the freshman year who has shown a high level of commitment to com­­munity service and scholastic achievement.

Elizabeth Couey Award

The Stony Brook Union Advisory Board and the Department of Student Union and Activities present this award to a graduating senior who has exhibited outstanding contributions toward the improvement and growth of student services and programs and exemplifies Elizabeth Couey's unique qualities, which include the ability to listen with understanding, guide without boundaries, give and take with love, and grow with each passing day.

Emile Adams Award for Community Service

This award is presented annually by the Latin American Student Organ­ization to a graduating Latino student who has done excellent community service.

Joseph N. Campolo Award for Legal Studies

Awarded to a student preparing to enter the practice of law.

Larry Roher Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

Established by Larry Roher '79, this award is presented to an undergraduate who has served in a managerial and leadership role either on or off campus, or has pursued entrepreneurial and innovative programs or activities.

Mortimer Kreuter Award

This award is presented annually to selected teacher certification candidates in recognition of excellent performance in student teaching and outstanding service to the school community where they were placed for this experience. The award was established by the friends and family of Dr. Kreuter in memory of his years at the University as professor of education, director of teacher certification, and acting dean of continuing education.

Outstanding Future Alumni Award

Awarded to a high-achieving student who has demonstrated excellence in academic performance and community service and has made valuable contributions to the University community.

Senior Leadership and Service Awards

These awards are presented annually by the Department of Student Union and Activities to graduating students who have exhibited outstanding leadership and service to the campus community.