Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing to the following address:

Refunds, Student Accounts Office
254 Administration Building
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-1301

Refund of Pre-Enrollment Tuition Deposits

Each new student is required to pay an advance tuition deposit. Deposits are due by the date indicated on the deposit card, which is sent in the students' Admissions Packet. Deposits are applied to charges incurred by the student in the first semester. Requests for refunds will be granted under the following conditions:

1. A request for a refund of the tuition deposit must be made in writing to the Student Accounts Office and received by the date printed on the deposit card or 30 days after the offer of admission, whichever is later.
2. If enrolled in another SUNY school, a student must provide satisfactory proof of such enrollment to the Student Accounts Office.

After the first day of classes, pre-enrollment tuition deposits will be forfeited.

For more information, visit the Office of the Bursar website at http://www.stonybrook.edu/bursar

Housing Agreement Cancellation, Termination, and Financial Liability Information

Housing cancellations prior to posted deadlines are eligible for a $100 credit of the deposit. After a student moves into their housing assignment, they are financially liable until the end of the agreement period. Please see the related housing website for the most up to date information on this information:  https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/studentaffairs/res/housing/financial_liability.php

Refund of Tuition

Students who withdraw from the University or decrease their academic load are liable for payment of tuition in accordance with the following schedules:

The first day of classes as published by the University in the academic calendar shall be considered the first day of the semester, quarter, or other term.

Certification of the effective date of withdrawal must be made by the Registrar's Office.

After 100 percent liability, a student is liable for tuition and all fees in full. Students who register for courses and do not file the appropriate withdrawal or do not drop before the end of the fourth week of classes are liable for their full charges.

Note: Non-attendance of classes does not classify as an official withdrawal, and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, or entitle the student to a refund.

More information can be found in the University's Refund Policy publication, available in the Student Accounts Office.

No money shall be refunded for tuition unless application for a refund is made within one year after the end of the term for which the tuition requested to be refunded was paid to the State University.


There is no tuition or fee liability for a student who withdraws to enter military service prior to the end of an academic term for those courses in which he or she does not receive academic credit. Acceptable proof must be submitted.

Refund of Registration-Related Fees

During the period of zero percent liability, refunds will be processed for registration-related fees, such as the comprehensive fee, student activity fee, and specific course fees, such as engineering or physical education laboratory fees. After zero percent liability, all fees are due in full.

Students who register for courses and who do not file the appropriate withdrawal or do not drop before the end of the fourth week of classes are liable for their full charges.


Academic Year (Fall and Spring terms):  
Withdrawal during Refund
  Tuition    Fees
First week 100%      100%
Second week 70%           0%
Third week 50%           0%
Fourth week 30%           0%
Fifth week 0%             0%


Five-and Six-Week Summer Session:  
Withdrawal during Refund
  Tuition    Fees
First week 100%        0%
Second week 30%          0%
Third week 0%            0%

Refund of Meal Plan Fee

Because the meal plan is an annual agreement, students who withdraw from the University or graduate mid-year from the University must notify the  Meal Plan Office. If students do not notify the Meal Plan Office of their departure, they will be charged the full amount of the meal plan. Meal plans will be prorated weekly. 

For more information, consult the meal plan website at stonybrook.edu/mealplan, or call or visit the Meal Plan Office, 157 East Side Dining, (631) 632-6517.

Refund of College Fee, Late Registration Fee, and Lost Campus Card Fee

These fees are not refundable.

Refunds Caused by Overpayment or Processing Errors

Refunds of amounts paid will be made when a student overpays his or her tuition and fees provided the student has made a written request to the Student Accounts Office within one year after the end of the term that the money was paid to the University. Overpayments by credit card payments will be processed as credit card refunds.

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