Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

OAE: Oral Academic English

OAE 190: Intermediate Oral Academic English

Students improve skills necessary for speaking and understanding English with special emphasis on developing communication capabilities. Class work includes pronunciation modification, presentation skills and cultural awareness in the classroom. Language and listening laboratories required. A diagnostic test during the first week of classes determines placement in the course.

3 credits

OAE 194: Advanced Oral Academic English

An advanced course in speaking and listening skills for non-native speakers of English. Work is done with individual problem sounds, stress, and intonation in order to help students modify their accents and make their speech more intelligible. Techniques of speaking before a group are taught to enable non-native speakers to feel more confident in participating in their other classes. Advanced work in American idioms and grammar is usually included. Language laboratory work may be required by individual instructors. Especially useful for undergraduate and graduate students who need to make seminar presentations and for graduate students with teaching assistantships. Undergraduate enrollment requires department consent.

Prerequisite: permission of the department

3 credits