Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

MDA: Media Arts

MDA 117: Media: Analysis and Culture

This introductory course addresses the cultural production and reception of media that influence public discourse. It involves textual, social, and cultural analysis of film, television, and new media. Debates about mass culture, interpretation, media characteristics, aesthetic choices, and the effect of content choices are explored. This course is offered as both MDA 117 and THR 117.

3 credits

MDA 277: The Media Industry

A seminar in which the interlocking structure of media production firms, advertising agencies, sponsors, broadcasters, and cable and satellite operators is examined. Among the many political and social issues arising from the making and distribution of media that are considered is the effect of this structure on a democratic society's need for a free exchange of opinion and information. This course is offered as both MDA 277 and THR 277.

3 credits

MDA 480: Projects in Media

Advanced work on a particular problem in media. May be repeated up to a maximum of six credits. Only six credits of THR 480, 483, 484 and 487 may be used to satisfy major requirements. This course is offered as both MDA 480 and THR 480.

Prerequisite: Permission of department

0-3 credits

MDA 488: Internship

Participation in a professional organization that creates and presents public performances, creates and presents, to the public, works in the media arts, or concerns itself with the management or funding of arts organizations. Students are required to submit written progress reports to their department sponsors and a final written report to the department faculty. Supplementary reading may be assigned. May be repeated up to a limit of 12 credits. This course is offered as both MDA 488 and THR 488.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and department

SBC:     EXP+

0-6 credits, S/U grading