Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2021 Bulletin

LSE: Living/Learning Center:Science and Engineering

LSE 201: Opportunities in Science and Engineering

A survey of the various science and engineering disciplines. Guest speakers describe their respective fields of research and study and the opportunities for students entering the field today. Other topics include ethics, intellectual property and entrepreneurship. The interdisciplinary nature of science and technology is emphasized.

1 credit

LSE 310: Current Issues in Science and Engineering

A study of the issues and events that confront scientists and engineers today. Student presentations and student-led discussions cover such topics as ethics, social responsibilities, the environmental impact of technology, and the economics of research and technology.

DEC:     H

3 credits

LSE 320: Future Trends in Science and Engineering

A study of forecasts for developments in science and engineering in the 21st century and their predicted effects on society. Predictions about science and engineering from the early 20th century and their accuracy today. Readings and student-led discussion on essays written by leading scientists and engineers concerning predictions in their fields during the next century. Includes several presentations made by science and engineering faculty on their current research, focusing on the long-term effects of their research on their discipline and on society. Several research papers by students will be required.

Prerequisites: U3 or U4 standing; one course in science or engineering

DEC:     H

3 credits

LSE 475: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum

Students work with the instructor in an LSE course in leading discussion sections, helping students improve research skills, or assisting with the educational program presented as part of coursework. Students meet regularly with the supervising instructor.

Prerequisites: U3 or U4 standing; permission of instructor and director of the minor

SBC:     EXP+

3 credits, S/U grading