Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

JDH: Judaic Studies:Humanities

JDH 261: The Bible as Literature

A literary approach to the Bible that explores the characteristic principles of the Bible's narrative and poetic art. This course is offered as both EGL 261 and JDH 261.

Prerequisite: WRT 102 or equivalent

DEC:     B
SBC:     HUM

3 credits

JDH 390: Humanities Topics in Judaic Studies

An examination of a selected topic in Judaic studies within the humanities area. May be repeated as the topic changes.

Prerequisite: JDS/HIS 225 or 226 or JDH/RLS 230

DEC:     G
SBC:     HFA+

3 credits

JDH 447: Readings in Judaic Studies

Qualified juniors and seniors may read independently in the areas of Jewish religion, philosophy, and literature in an approved program under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

1-6 credits