Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

INT: International Studies

INT 201: Democracy and Capitalism

Introduction to the two major ideologies and structures shaping the world today: democracy and the interstate political system, and capitalism and the world-economy. How they came into being, how they have been transformed over time, and how and whether they continue to be transformed. The course seeks to understand global connections between democracy and capitalism, and how the workings of the interstate system and the world-economy combine to impact power, culture, and social change at both the global and local level.

2 credits

INT 401: Global Social Problems

The consequences of the "globalization" of social, economic, and political life around the world. Topics include economic inequality and poverty; environmental degradation; AIDS epidemics; gender inequality and patriarchy; racism; human rights issues; migration and immigration and how they have shaped and been shaped by the social, political and economic dynamics underlying them. Consideration of the possibilities of global-local activism and social change. Conducted as part seminar and part practicum.

Prerequisites: INT 201; U3 or U4 standing

3 credits

INT 487: Independent Study in International Studies

Independent research projects on international studies by upper-division students in the minor under the supervision of an instructor. May be repeated twice.

Prerequisites: INT 201; U3 or U4 standing; permission of director of the minor

SBC:     EXP+

0-6 credits