Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2022 Bulletin

HUL: Romance Languages

HUL 324: Romance Linguistics

Compares the linguistic evolution and synchronic grammars of the Romance languages in their original form against the backdrop of European culture from ancient times to the present. Examines similarities and differences in the phonology, morphology, syntax, and lexicon of the major Romance Languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Spanish) and the minor Romance languages (Latin American varieties of Spanish, Catalan, Italian dialects, etc.), as well as the social and cultural implications of major versus minor languages in the western cultural tradition. The course is conducted in English, however, students must complete significant assignments in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and/or other Romance languages. This course is not a history or translation course.

Pre- or corequisite: One of the following: FRN 312, ITL 312, LAT 112, SPN 312

Advisory Prerequisites: LIN 101, LIN 201, LIN 211

DEC:     I
SBC:     HFA+

3 credits