Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2023

DIA: Digital Arts

DIA 383: Topics in Game Studies

The course critically examines video games within cultural, social, political, and historical contexts. It is designed to afford an immersive study of a range of topics pertinent to the scholarly study of video games. Possible topics include: game history, games art and design, game preservation, game play and experience, games and culture, racial and gendered subjectivities. This course is offered as both CCS 383 and DIA 383. May be repeated as the topic changes, to a maximum of 6 credits. Previously offered as CCS/DIA 396 and CCS/DIA 397. Not for credit in addition to CCS/DIA 396 and CCS/DIA 397.

Prerequisite: EGL 220 and U3 or U4 status

DEC:     H

3 credits

DIA 444: Experiential Learning

This course is designed for students who engage in a substantial, structured experiential learning activity in conjunction with another class. Experiential learning occurs when knowledge acquired through formal learning and past experience are applied to a "real-world" setting or problem to create new knowledge through a process of reflection, critical analysis, feedback and synthesis. Beyond-the-classroom experiences that support experiential learning may include: service learning, mentored research, field work, or an internship.

Prerequisite: WRT 102 or equivalent; permission of the instructor and approval of the EXP+ contract (http://sb.cc.stonybrook.edu/bulletin/current/policiesandregulations/degree_requirements/EXPplus.php)

SBC:     EXP+

0 credit, S/U grading