Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2021 Bulletin

Academic Success & Tutoring Center (ASC)
Accounting (ACC)
Advancement on Individual Merit (AIM)
Advising (ADV)
Africana Studies/Humanities (AFH)
Africana Studies/Social and Behavioral Sciences (AFS)
American Studies (AMR)
Anatomical Sciences (HBA)
Anthropology, Cultural and Archaeology (ANT)
Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS)
Arabic (ARB)
Art History (ARH)
Art, Studio (ARS)
Arts, Culture and Humanities (ACH)
Asian & Asian American Studies (AAS)
Astronomy (AST)
Athletic Training (HAL)
Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies (ATM)
Biological Anthropology (ANP)
Biology (BIO)
Biomedical Engineering (BME)
Business Management (BUS)
Career Development (CAR)
Chemical and Molecular Engineering (CME)
Chemistry (CHE)
Chinese Language (CHI)
Cinema and Cultural Studies (CCS)
Civil Engineering (CIV)
Classics (CLS)
Classics of Literature (CLL)
Clinical Laboratory Sciences (HAD)
Communication (COM)
Comparative Literature (CLT)
Computer Science (CSE)
Consortium for Digital Arts Culture and Technology (CDT)
Creative Writing and Literature (CWL)
Dance (DAN)
Digital Arts (DIA)
Digital Intelligence Arts & Engineering (IAE)
Economics (ECO)
Electrical Engineering (ESE)
Electrical Engineering Online (EEO)
Engineering Science (ESG)
Engineering and Applied Science (EAS)
English (EGL)
English as Second Language (ESL)
Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)
Environmental Science (ENV)
Environmental Studies (ENS)
European Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUE)
European Studies (EUR)
Externships (EXT)
Film (FLM)
Foreign Language Teacher Preparation (FLA)
French (FRN)
French Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUF)
General Dentistry (HDG)
Geosciences (GEO)
Geospatial Science (GSS)
German Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUG)
Germanic Languages and Literature (GER)
Global Studies (GLS)
Globalization Studies and International Relations (GLI)
Greek (GRK)
Health Sciences (HAN)
Hebrew (HBW)
Hindi (HIN)
Hispanic Languages and Literature (SPN)
History (HIS)
Honors College (HON)
Human Development (HDV)
Human Evolutionary Biology (EBH)
Information Systems (ISE)
Information and Tech Studies (ITS)
International Academic Programs (IAP)
International Studies (INT)
Italian (ITL)
Italian Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUI)
Japanese Language (JPN)
Journalism (JRN)
Judaic Studies:Humanities (JDH)
Judaic Studies:Social and Behavioral Sciences (JDS)
Korean (KOR)
LLC: Leadership Development (LDR)
Latin (LAT)
Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LAC)
Leadership and Service (LDS)
Linguistics (LIN)
Living/Learning Center in Health and Wellness (LHW)
Living/Learning Center: Community Service Learning (LCR)
Living/Learning Center:Interdisciplinary Arts (LIA)
Living/Learning Center:Science and Engineering (LSE)
Living/Learning:Human Sexual & Gender Development (LHD)
Marine Sciences (MAR)
Materials Science (ESM)
Mathematics (MAT)
Mathematics Proficiency (MAP)
Mathematics Teacher Preparation (MAE)
Mechanical Engineering (MEC)
Media Arts (MDA)
Medieval Studies (MVL)
Military Service Leadership (MSL)
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (HBM)
Music (MUS)
Nursing One and Two Year Baccalaureate Courses (HNI)
Oral Academic English (OAE)
Oral Biology and Pathology (HDO)
Pathology (HBP)
Periodontics (HDP)
Persian (PER)
Pharmacology (BCP)
Pharmacology (HBH)
Philosophy (PHI)
Physics (PHY)
Physiology and Biophysics (HBY)
Political Science (POL)
Portuguese (POR)
Psychology (PSY)
Religious Studies (RLS)
Respiratory Care (HAT)
Romance Languages (HUL)
Russian Language and Literature (RUS)
Russian Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUR)
Sanskrit (SKT)
School of Professional Development (CEF)
Science Teacher Preparation (SCI)
Science and Society (SSO)
Select East European Languages (EEL)
Sign Language (SLN)
Social Studies Education (SSE)
Social Work (HWC)
Sociology (SOC)
Spanish Literature and Culture Courses in English (HUS)
Stony Brook University (SBU)
Sustainability Studies (SUS)
Swahili (SWA)
Technology and Society (EST)
Theatre Arts (THR)
Turkish (TRK)
Ukrainian (UKR)
Uncommonly Taught Languages (LAN)
University Scholars Program (SCH)
Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)
Women in Science & Engineering (WSE)
Women's Studies (WST)
Writing (WRT)
Writing Academic English (WAE)