Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2020 Bulletin

Media Arts (MDA)

The Media Arts minor is designed primarily, but not exclusively, for residents of Douglass College, who wish to add an academic dimension to their residential experience. The minor in this Living Learning Center provides for a coordinated set of courses that examine media technology, theory, and practice. Students taking the Media Arts minor are provided with an overview the range of media and explore their effect on contemporary culture.

There are two tracks that students choose in consultation with the director of the minor: Mass Media and New Media. The Mass Media track not only provides students with an understanding of the history and theory of broadcast media, but the opportunity to gain practical experience in the production and broadcast of radio and television. The New Media track is a project based curriculum in digital media that introduces students to numerous visual, animation, and audio programs, while giving them the opportunity to explore the rapid cultural and social changes brought about by this revolutionary medium. Students select courses appropriate to the chosen track in consultation with the director of the minor.

The minor prepares students for specialized studies in any one of the media. Media skills broaden career options for students majoring in any of the natural sciences, social sciences, or humanities. The Media Arts minor is also for students who simply want to develop critical standards and practical skills in order to live intelligently in this media-saturated world.