Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2022 Bulletin

Globalization Studies and International Relations (GLI)

Major in Globalization Studies and International Relations, Institute for Globalization Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Globalization Studies and International Relations, Undergraduate College of Global Studies

Institute Director: Sophie Raynard-Leroy 

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Andrea Fedi 

E-mail: gli@stonybrook.edu 

Web address:  https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/sbigs/ 

Other minors of particular interest to students majoring in Globalization Studies and International Relations: Africana Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, China Studies, English, Environmental Humanities, French Language and Literature,
Hispanic Languages and Literature, History, History of Health, Science, and the Environment, International Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, Russian Studies, South Asian Studies, Spanish Language and Literature, Sustainability Studies, Theatre, Women's and Gender Studies, Writing and Rhetoric.