Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Scholars for Medicine

Scholars for Medicine earn a Bachelor’s/M.D. degree with four years of undergraduate coursework and four years of medical school. All Scholars for Medicine are individually counselled on their careers throughout their participation in the program. Benefits include  scholarship opportunities, help in finding laboratory placements for undergraduate research, regular advising from the Directors of the Honors College, WISE Honors Program, University Scholars, and the pre-medical advisor, opportunities to meet faculty in the School of Medicine, and support and encouragement in the exploration of undergraduate and career opportunities.

Scholars for Medicine positions are available to select entering freshmen who have been accepted to the Honors College, WISE Honors Program, or University Scholars. Eligibility criteria are: nomination of high school seniors by one of the three programs listed above; maturity; evidence of social commitment; evidence of interest in science; high moral character; breadth of interests; and strong communication skills.

All acceptances to the Scholars for Med­icine Program are conditional. Of critical importance is an ongoing assessment of the candidate's maturity, academic ability, and motivation and readiness to pursue a medical education. Scholars must continue to present exemplary academic accomplishments and those personal characteristics that exemplify a Scholar for Medicine. Students must maintain a minimum specified g.p.a. during the undergraduate years. All scholars are required to take the MCAT no later than fall of their senior year in college. Students must attain a specified MCAT score.

Scholars for Medicine students accepted into the combined program before matriculating at Stony Brook will have a place reserved in the Stony Brook Medical School contingent upon the above criteria. Final acceptance is dependent upon the ongoing evaluations by program advisors, letters of evaluation and MCAT performance. For more information, please go to: https://www.stonybrook.edu/undergraduate-admissions/academics/honors/

Scholars for Dental Medicine and Engineering Scholars for Dental Medicine

Stony Brook University offers two integrated eight-year programs for students interested in attending dental school following their undergraduate degrees. The Scholars for Dental Medicine program (SFDM) offers selected students in the Honors College an opportunity to complete a combined B.S. or B.A./D.D.S. course of study while participating in pre-dental school classes and activities. The Engineering Scholars for Dental Medicine (ESFDM) similarly offers students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences a combined B.E./D.D.S. course of study. Students accepted into either program are reserved a seat in Stony Brook University’s School of Dental Medicine upon graduation provided they complete all applicable program requirements.