Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Stony Brook Curriculum Integrated Course Clusters

SBC Integrated Course Clusters enable students to develop another area of specialization without the full depth of an academic major or academic minor. A Stony Brook Curriculum Integrated Course Cluster is a specified sequence or concurrently scheduled set of three to five courses that are linked by a central theme and work together to give students an integrated understanding of the topic from various perspectives.


All SBC Integrated Course Clusters must be certified by the faculty certification committee. The certification process shall consider the collection of learning outcomes provided by the course list against the collection of learning outcomes from the skill areas it is proposed to address. A course cluster shall satisfy a maximum average of two Stony Brook Curriculum learning objectives per course in the approved cluster.  Although not required, a course cluster should ideally culminate in a capstone experience specifically designed to synthesize the learning into a cross-disciplinary topic. In many cases, the courses of the cluster may be taken individually, although students who take them as a group should reap the greatest benefit.  Courses may be certified to meet certain SBC objectives individually, with additional objectives fulfilled upon completion of the entire cluster. 

Student participation in an SBC Integrated Course Cluster is optional for most major programs and includes completing the required sequence or concurrent set of courses, as well as consultation with the faculty coordinator of the SBC Cluster initially and as work in the Cluster proceeds.  Some themed clusters may have limited availability, specialized prerequisites or admission requirements, or may be integrated into major or minor requirements. 

Descriptions of SBC Integrated Course Clusters, along with their requirements, are published among the alphabetical listings of Approved Majors, Minors, and Programs. Cluster entries include the name and academic affiliation of the  coordinator and additional information such as office location, phone number, and e-mail and Web addresses where available. For more information, consult the relevant Cluster coordinator or the appropriate academic advisor.

To ensure proper notation on the transcript and for proper allocation of financial aid (e.g., the NYS Tuition Assistance Program), students must declare an SBC Integrated Course cluster by submitting the appropriate form to the Registrar’s Office.  The Major/Minor Declaration Form, available from the Registrar’s Office, the Academic and Transfer Advising Services Center, and online at http://www.stonybrook.edu/registrar, is used to declare an SBC Integrated Course Cluster officially; the signature of the SBC ICC coordinator is required.  Although clusters are not noted on diplomas, completion of an SBC Integrated Course Cluster is notated on the student transcript.