Undergraduate Bulletin

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Transferring Coursework After Matriculation

Study at Other Institutions

For transfer credit policies on coursework taken prior to matriculation, see Transfer Credit Policies and Application of Transfer Credits to General Education Requirements.

Students who wish to transfer credit from other institutions after matriculation at Stony Brook must study at a regionally accredited institution and earn a C or higher in any course taken.  Students should use our viewable chart when looking for classes to take at other Universities.  If a class that you wish to enroll in is not found in our viewable chart, you will need to fill out a Transfer Course Evaluation form and have the course evaluated.  The viewable chart is available at http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/advising/_transferinfo/course_eqiv.html.  All courses chosen must be applicable to your degree requirements.     Forms for securing prior approval are available in the Undergraduate Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office. Students must arrange to have official transcripts sent to the University upon completion of courses taken.

Currently enrolled students in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, or the School of Journalism should consult with the Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office before taking general education or elective courses elsewhere. Students who plan to transfer courses toward major requirements should get prior approval from the major department. Engineering and Applied Sciences students must receive a departmental advisor’s approval before taking a course elsewhere unless the course has already been evaluated and is in the transfer viewable chart.
WRT 102 may not be transferred after matriculation at Stony Brook University.

Summer and Winter Study Elsewhere

To ensure that courses will be fully acceptable for transfer credit, students planning to take summer or winter courses elsewhere should discuss their plans in advance with both the appropriate departmental academic advisor and the Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office. If the student plans to transfer courses that are not on our viewable chart, the student should secure prior approval for courses toward major requirements from the major department, and for courses toward general education requirements and elective credit from the Academic and Transfer Advising Services Office. After the University receives an official transcript indicating that the student has completed the courses with grades of C or higher, appropriate transfer credit will be noted on the student’s academic record.

International Transfer Credit Policy for Summer & Winter for Currently Enrolled Stony Brook Students

To obtain Stony Brook credit for summer or winter courses offered by an institution outside of the United States, currently enrolled Stony Brook students are required to participate in an approved partner university program offered through International Academic Programs (IAP) in the Office of Global Affairs.  All other international credits obtained in the summer or winter will not be eligible as transfer credit applied to your Stony Brook degree program. This also includes international credits taken from U.S. institutions outside of IAP or SUNY.

Credit Limit Policy for Transfer Credits for Summer & Winter Sessions

To ensure the quality of external academic programs from which we accept credit, including meeting the University standard number of contact hours per course, students will be limited to taking a maximum of 4 credits collectively from all approved institutions during the Winter Session.  For Summer Sessions, students will be allowed to complete 18 credits collectively from all approved institutions but no more than 9 credits in a single Summer Session.