Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Anticipated Aid

Students receiving awards provided by the State of New York, managed by the University, or payable to the University, may utilize deferment equal to the amount of the award. Documented proof of the amount of the award must be presented at the time of payment for the deferment to be applied to the account (only current awards are deferrable).

Deferment may be granted to students for the following types of awards:

1. Tuition Assistance Program: All New York State residents are encouraged to file for Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards. Students should apply for TAP awards at the earliest possible date, preferably no later than June 10, if they expect to receive award certification from TAP prior to the beginning of classes in the fall. Students are reminded that failure to file an application in a timely manner can preclude their receiving award credit or deferment. TAP is administered by the office of the Registrar (see http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/registrar/tap/tap.html).

2. Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS loans, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), and Federal Pell Grants: Students who have filed applications prior to the specified deadlines and who qualify for these awards will receive award notification from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services prior to registration. Offered awards can be accepted using the SOLAR System.

3. Veterans Educational Benefits: The Office of Veterans Affairs offers deferments to eligible students based on their anticipated receipt of V.A. educational assistance. The deferments allow students to postpone payment of all or part of their tuition charges and fees until the end of the semester for which the charges are incurred. Students wishing to obtain a deferment should obtain a bill covering all current charges from the Student Accounts Office before visiting the Office of Veterans Affairs to request a deferment.

4. Office of Vocational Rehabilitation: Deferment based on Office of Vocational Rehabilitation benefits may be obtained by presentation of an award letter or a voucher from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation indicating the amount of the award and period covered. All such letters and vouchers must be accompanied by a Tuition Assistance Program Award Certificate, if applicable, and submitted to the Student Accounts Office.

5. Private, Public, or Industrial Scholarships, Grants, Internships, and Loans (including Foreign Student Government Scholarships and Vocational Rehabilitation Grants): All students who can present notification of awards payable to the University, or jointly payable to the University and the student in the above categories, are eligible for a deferment equal to the amount of the award. In cases where the award is payable to the University and the student, the student will be required to submit a copy of the award letter to the Student Accounts Office to receive deferment.