Undergraduate Bulletin

WorkingCopy 2022

The Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) Requirement

The following groups of students will complete the general education requirements as defined by the Stony Brook Curriculum, commonly referred to as SBC.  

  • Freshmen who matriculate in the Fall of 2014 or later
  • Transfer students who matriculate in the Spring of 2015 or later
  • Students who matriculate in the School of Nursing Fall 2015 or later
  • Students who matriculate in the School of Social Welfare Fall 2015 or later
  • Students who matriculate in the Respiratory Care major or Clinical Laboratory Sciences major in the Summer of 2016 or later
  • All students matriculating at SUNY Korea
  • Students who rematriculate in the Fall of 2014 or later

Students who are not in the above groups will complete the D.E.C.  D.E.C. requirements for each student are published in the bulletin that was current as of matriculation (or rematriculation).

The Stony Brook Curriculum includes both breadth and depth of study (provided by both the SBC learning objectives and the major requirements), as well as ensuring skills necessary for life-long learning. The SBC learning objectives are described in detail in a designated section of this Bulletin and are organized into four categories:

  • Demonstrate Versatility
  • Explore Interconnectedness
  • Pursue Deeper Understanding
  • Prepare for Life-Long Learning

The course section in this Bulletin includes information specifying the SBC learning objectives that each course satisfies, if any.  Courses may simultaneously satisfy multiple graduation requirements, including but not limited to the SBC, the major, the minor and others.

Note on Courses Satisfying SBC learning objectives:

  • A student's general education record may not be changed retroactively. The University may change the SBC category or learning objectives of a course, but for a particular student, the course will count only toward the requirement it fulfilled at the time the student took the course.
  • For a number of semesters, the student population at Stony Brook University will include students who are pursuing either the Diversified Education Curriculum OR the Stony Brook Curriculum.  Therefore, enrollment in a given course may include students pursuing either D.E.C. or SBC.  To facilitate degree progress of both groups of students, a course may satisfy D.E.C., SBC or both.  However, the DEC category of a course is not always equivalent to the SBC learning objectives.  A course satisfies only the categories in D.E.C. or SBC as approved by the Stony Brook faculty.
  • In order to satisfy the SBC learning objectives, a passing letter grade or a grade of S must be earned in the corresponding course. Recorded grades of P, NC, U or F will not satisfy SBC learning objectives. LANG, WRT, and QPS learning objectives must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
  • The inclusion of an SBC abbreviation indicates whether a course is approved to satisfy one or more sets of SBC learning objectives.  If an SBC abbreviation does not appear with the course entry in the Bulletin, that course may not be used to satisfy any SBC learning objectives.
  • College courses taken while the student was in high school will be evaluated for applicability to SBC learning objectives.
  • Transferred courses must carry at least three semester hours of credit to be applicable to any learning objective.