Undergraduate Bulletin

WorkingCopy 2022

Overview - Degree Requirements

General education courses, the major, and electives are the three components of a university education. By completing a major, students learn to use the methods of a discipline to gain insight into its subject matter, about which they acquire some depth of knowledge. General education courses provide breadth of knowledge within a balanced liberal arts framework. Electives give students freedom to choose courses that enhance their educational goals beyond the basic requirements set by the faculty.

General education requirements help students to place the more specialized parts of their undergraduate study, their major and pre-professional training in a cultural and historical context. They also develop the intellectual skills necessary to enhance learning during the university years and later. In this complex world, distant places and history affect all human life. The knowledge of the variety, richness, and interdependence of the human experience that students gain during their undergraduate years will enrich their future professional and personal lives. The person with a broad education in the arts and sciences and with well-developed communication and quantitative skills is most likely to flourish in changing times.