Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Speak Effectively before an Audience (SPK)

A person’s effectiveness in any profession is either enhanced by or limited by his or her communication skills. In the 21st century, professionals use a variety of media to convey information or to persuade an audience. Students, therefore, should be prepared when they graduate to give a report on any subject that they have researched or been assigned.

Learning Outcomes for “Speak Effectively before an Audience”

1. Research a topic, develop an oral argument and organize supporting details.
2. Deliver a proficient and substantial oral presentation for the intended audience using appropriate media.
3. Evaluate oral presentations of others according to specific criteria.

Standards for “Speak Effectively before an Audience”

1. Courses or modules certified as providing oral communication practice must provide access to instruction in the methods of making a proficient oral presentation. Access might include referral to on-campus resources.
2. Certified oral communication experiences shall require students to make a substantial and graded oral presentation (e.g., 10-15 minutes) before a group.
3. Certified oral communication experiences shall have students evaluate other students’ oral presentations using explicit criteria.
4. A certified experience shall achieve all three learning outcomes.
5. Although most programs will stipulate that the learning outcome will be completed in English, some programs could demonstrate that the requirement could be completed in an alternative language.

For a list of Stony Brook courses that satisfy these learning objectives and standards, complete a course search at this link.