Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Transferring SUNY credits to the Stony Brook Curriculum

The following chart details typical equivalent Stony Brook Curriculum learning outcomes for courses or credits transferred to Stony Brook from another SUNY institution completed with a grade of C or higher, with some exceptions. This chart does not indicate exact equivalencies between the SBC and SUNY categories, and is subject to Stony Brook transfer policies. SUNY allows campuses to have requirements that exceed the SUNY GER.

Students with transfer credits from another SUNY college or university and who have satisfied specific SUNY general education requirement may be able to apply these courses toward the Stony Brook Curriculum, as follows. Note that a course evaluated to be equivalent to a Stony Brook course will satisfy the category of the Stony Brook course.

SUNY Category

Stony Brook Curriculum



American History

Understand the Political, Social, and Cultural History of the United States of America (USA)

Basic written & oral communication

Write Effectively in English (WRT) and / or Speak Effectively before an Audience (SPK), depending on the achieved learning outcomes at the external institution

Critical Thinking

Practice and Respect Critical and Ethical Reasoning (CER) if the achieved learning objectives are equivalent or higher to to a course at Stony Brook that satisfies CER

Foreign Language

Communicate in a Human Language Other than English (LANG) 
If satisfied with an 85 or higher on the New York State Regents examination taken prior to Fall 2011 or a grade of C or higher in a second-semester college elementary foreign language course


Address Problems using Critical Analysis and the Methods of the Humanities (HUM)

Information Management

Evaluate and Synthesize Researched Information (ESI)


Master Quantitative Problem Solving (QPS) if the achieved learning objectives are equivalent or higher to to a course at Stony Brook that satisfies QPS.

Natural Science

Study the Natural World (SNW)

Other World Civilizations

Engage Global Issues (GLO)

Social Science

Understand, Observe, and Analyze Human Behavior and the Structure and Functioning of Society  (SBS)

The Arts

Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts (ARTS)

Western Civilizations

Engage Global Issues (GLO)