Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA+) 

Courses meeting the HFA+ requirement will usually have prerequisites from Address Problems using Critical Analysis and Methods of the Humanities (HUM), Explore and Understand the Fine and Performing Arts (ARTS), or Communicate in a Language other than English (LANG). Such courses will require students to cover material in the humanities or fine arts at a deeper level than the introductory Versatility courses. Students may satisfy the HFA+ requirement by completing an introductory course in a language other than English  and not the language  previously used to satisfy the LANG Versatility requirement.   

Learning Outcomes for “Pursue Deeper Understanding”

1. Students must use the skills expected from their Versatility courses to study and practice them in greater depth, with further study applied to the area in which they are certified.  

Standards for “Pursue Deeper Understanding”

1. Certified courses must expect students to practice the skills they learned in their Versatility courses in greater depth. These courses must have prerequisites from among the Versatility categories and will typically be at the 200-400 level.

For a list of Stony Brook courses that satisfy these learning objectives and standards, complete a course search at this link.