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Veterans Affairs

The Office of Veterans Affairs assists students in obtaining the education benefits to which they are entitled to from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The most standard of these services is enrollment certification by which the Certifying Official informs the awarding agency of the student's enrollment status and duration for each benefit period or semester.

The Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the Veterans Affairs Coordinator as the certifying official and liaison for Veteran students in every academic program offered at Stony Brook University (SBU), including medical, dental, nursing, and health technology programs. The Veterans Affairs Coordinator is also an advocate for the veteran student population and interacts with a vast array of constituencies on their behalf.

In addition to one-on-one counseling for veteran students being called to active duty and VA Work Study placement, students may also visit the SBU VA Web site at http://studentaffairs.stonybrook.edu/vets/ for more information. The SBU VA Web site is updated each semester and provides links for relevant information pertaining to VA benefits (i.e., health, compensation, home loan, etc.). The Office of Veterans Affairs also coordinates the approval from the State Division of Veterans Affairs/Bureau of Veterans Education for all new academic and certificate programs. It is the sole office on the Stony Brook campus dedicated to veteran students regarding their benefits.

The Stony Brook Veteran Student Organization (VESO) is an Undergraduate Student Government sponsored organization. This club is not affiliated with any outside organization. VESO's primary objective is to create a campuswide awareness of the immense contributions that Veteran Students make to our Stony Brook community.  VESO aims to bring issues relevant to veteran students to the forefront. With the help of its membership, VESO intends to continue the history of service and commitment that veterans are known for. VESO's main mission is to unite veteran students with each other and with our campus community, to make their transition from military to civilian life easier, and to provide the necessary guidance and mentoring to all new veteran students.