Undergraduate Bulletin

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Visa and Immigration Services

International Services provides undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and scholars from other countries advice and assistance on U.S. government immigration regulations and cross-cultural issues relating to study, teaching, research, and living in the United States.

The International Student and Scholar Advisors are the Designated School Officials (DSO) and Alternate Responsible Officers (ARO) on campus and are responsible for assisting students in obtaining and maintaining valid F-1 or J-1 immigration status in the United States. Personal advising on immigration and cross-cultural issues is available throughout the year.

International Student and Scholar Advisors are available during advising hours Monday through Friday on a walk-in basis and by appointment. In addition, International Services works with community groups and student organizations to provide programs and activities, including orientations, tours, discussion groups, workshops, and other events. International Services also provides a liaison for students with the community-based Host Family Program.

To maintain valid immigration status an F-1 or J-1 international student must be enrolled full-time in an approved course of study and maintain a valid passport, Form I-94, and Certificate of Eligibility Form I-20 or DS-2019. International students should consult an International Student Advisor upon arrival in the United States and before: 1) accepting employment, 2) traveling outside of the United States, either temporarily or permanently, 3) applying for a U.S. visa abroad, 4) transferring to or from another institution within the United States, 5) withdrawing from the University, 6) dropping below a full course of study, 7) changing his or her address in the United States, 8) changing to another non-immigrant or immigrant status (i.e., from F-1 to permanent resident), or 9) changing academic major, level of study, or when experiencing academic difficulty.

All international students are required to attend a mandatory International Student Orientation Program and to meet with an International Student Advisor as soon as possible after their arrival at Stony Brook.
International students are encouraged to keep in close contact with their international student advisers throughout their stay in the United States. Information and important immigration updates are posted on the International Services Web site at http://www.stonybrook.edu/iaps/international/.

Visa and Immigration Services is located in the Melville Library, E5310. The telephone number is (631) 632-4685. The fax number is (631) 632-7064.