Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

CDT: Consortium for Digital Arts Culture and Technology

CDT 317: Interactive Media, Performance, and Installation

A multi-disciplinary production class that explores the possibilities of interactive media through image, sound and performance. Students will participate in all aspects of audio and video production with the intent of creating finished interactive mixed media installations or performances. Course topics include sound recording and synthesis, sampling, video, lighting, alternative input, MIDI and OSC. This hands-on course stresses small experimental-creative laboratory assignments and culminates in final small-group or individual projects. All editing and postproduction will be done digitally. All production for this course is within a fine arts context, and is graded accordingly. Throughout the semester students will be exposed to video, audio and installation works from a variety of artists. Contemporary video and audio practices will be a key component of the class in both production and critique. Participation in the discussion of these works is required, as is participation in critiques of student works. This course has an associated fee. Please see www.stonybrook.edu/coursefees for more information.

Prerequisite: One ARS, CCS, CSE, ISE, MUS, or THR course

Advisory Prerequisite: CDT 208 or ARS 225

3 credits

CDT 318: Movie Making: Shoot, Edit, Score

An investigation of the relationship between music and film and video. Students script, shoot, edit, and create short videos with soundtracks, exploring different aspects of visuals and music. All editing is done digitally. Works may be made for screen, installation, or performance. Also examines historical and contemporary artistic exploration with such media. Formerly offered as ARS/THR 318. This course has an associated fee. Please see www.stonybrook.edu/coursefees for more information.

Prerequisite: CDT 208 or ARS 225 or EGL 220

3 credits

CDT 444: Experiential Learning

This course is designed for students who engage in a substantial, structured experiential learning activity in conjunction with another class. Experiential learning occurs when knowledge acquired through formal learning and past experience are applied to a "real-world" setting or problem to create new knowledge through a process of reflection, critical analysis, feedback and synthesis. Beyond-the-classroom experiences that support experiential learning may include: service learning, mentored research, field work, or an internship.

Prerequisite: WRT 102 or equivalent; permission of the instructor and approval of the EXP+ contract (http://sb.cc.stonybrook.edu/bulletin/current/policiesandregulations/degree_requirements/EXPplus.php)

SBC:     EXP+

0 credit

CDT 450: Topics in Computational Arts

Studies of topics arising from the intersection of digital arts, culture and technology, using a variety of approaches from the arts, humanities and sciences. Possible topics include: Disruptive Technologies, Virtual 3D Story Telling, Cultural Networks, Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control: the Remonetization of Music and Other Promiscuously Transportable Media Objects. May be repeated for credit as the topic changes.

Prerequisite: CDT 208 and one 300-level course from CDT, ARH, ARS, CAT, CSE, EST, MUS, THR, or a course approved by cDACT Director

DEC:     H

3 credits

CDT 487: Independent Project in Computational Arts

Intensive study of a special topic undertaken with close faculty supervision. Request for project approval must be submitted no later than the last week of classes of the prior semester. May be repeated.

Prerequisite: Permission of director of undergraduate studies

0-6 credits

CDT 488: Internship

Internship projects arranged in consultation with a faculty member and an outside agency.

Prerequisite: permission of instructor

SBC:     EXP+

0-6 credits, S/U grading