Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Psychology (PSY)

Majors in Psychology

Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

Chair: Joanne Davila

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Antonio Freitas

Assistant to the Chair: Cynthia Forman

Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Dana Orenzo

Email: dana.orenzo@stonybrook.edu

Office: PSY B 109  
Phone: (631) 632-7812  

Student Coordinator: Donna Hildenbrand
Email: Donna.Hildenbrand@stonybrook.edu
Office: PSY B 117
Phone: (631) 632-7802

Website: https://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/psychology/index.html

Minors of particular interest to students majoring in Psychology: Africana Studies (AFS), Women's and Gender Studies (WST)