Undergraduate Bulletin

Fall 2022 Bulletin

Asian and Asian American Studies

The interdisciplinary major in Asian and Asian American Studies combines analytical perspectives and research methods of the social sciences and humanities in an integrated curriculum that is based on area studies and ethnic studies scholarship. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of particular regions of Asia, enhanced appreciation of Asian cultures and societies, greater awareness of contemporary issues of global concern facing both Asia and the United States, and a better understanding of the histories, struggles, and contributions of Asian Americans.

The major includes training in a relevant Asian language, a concentration in a specific region of Asia, and courses in various disciplines that converge on an identified theme of study. It complements minors in China Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, and South Asian Studies, as well as the major and minor in Religious Studies.

Students are encouraged to gain a first-hand experience of living in and studying Asian cultures by participating in Study Abroad programs. Stony Brook offers a summer program in China, Japan and India and academic year programs in China, Japan, and Korea. Similar programs are being planned in other countries.

The academic offerings of the department are complemented by the rich array of resources and programming at the program in China Studies, Center for India Studies, Center for Japan Studies, the Center for Korean Studies,, the Asian American Center Bridge, and the Charles B. Wang Center, which collaborate with various academic departments, student groups, community organizations, and individuals to promote a better understanding of Asia and Asian Americans today.

The Department of Asian and Asian American Studies has strong ties with selected academic and cultural organizations in Asia, and Asian and Asian American institutions on Long Island and in the greater New York area. Stony Brook's proximity to the New York City metropolitan area, with its Asian ethnic communities, offers rich opportunities for cultural and intellectual enrichment.

A major in Asian and Asian American Studies will open attractive opportunities for students who plan to pursue a wide range of careers, including the arts, business, education, economics, government, journalism, law, literature, and media. Many students increase their employment opportunities by pursuing a double major. In addition, Asian and Asian American Studies offers challenging opportunities at the graduate and professional school level as well.