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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) plays a key role in the management of Stony Brook University’s entire risk portfolio. We partner with many other campus units to achieve a coordinated, cohesive and enterprise-wide approach to managing all campus risks.

Message from the Vice President and Chief Security Officer

Lawerence M ZacareseStony Brook has embraced enterprise risk management as an integral strategic business process; solidifying risk, compliance, and enterprise security as pillars of the organization to further our missions. 

As a flagship institution, we will set the new standard.  We are the risk champions and thought leaders, working to integrate other areas informing strategy, minimizing hazards, influencing uncertainties, and managing opportunities while safeguarding our people, our property, and the environment.


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Stony Brook Red Book

The Stony Brook Red Book website includes signs to look for and how to respond to student situations including emotional distress, disruptive behavior, medical emergency, or other concern that requires support or intervention.