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Surplus Property

The function of the Surplus Property area within the Property Control Department is to remove unwanted equipment and furnishings from a department. Items that are in poor condition will be disposed. Items that are in good to excellent condition will be offered for surplus and will be redistributed to other departments or SUNY campuses accordingly.

There are always departments in need of equipment and/or furnishings. Departments are encouraged to submit requests for their needed items to the Property Control Office at (631) 632-6306. Property Control staff will log these requests, and as the equipment/furnishings become available will contact the requesting department to verify there is still a need for the item and to schedule a delivery.

Many times departments discarding equipment will contact the requesting department themselves in order to make arrangements to show and transfer reusable items. It is at this point that a Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form must be completed and submitted to the Property Control Office. This form must be submitted prior to the Surplus or Transfer of property so that RAM can be updated accordingly.

In addition, departments must complete the Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form for all equipment leaving a department. (Including but not limited to Equipment/Furnishings: chairs, computers, copiers, desks, fax machines, filing cabinets, etc.) When disposing of Computers, Copiers etc., please contact your IT department to clean your hard drive ensuring information cannot be retrieved. When disposing of radioactive equipment, you must contact EH&S at (631) 632-9676 for radioactive clearance and approval before equipment can be removed. This is to ensure removal from your department inventory listing.

Click here to view the Report for Surplus and/or Transfer Of Personal Property form.

We require a contact name and number, and an alternate contact for the convenience of both parties. Additional information required are: the building and room location, Department account number, description of the items being discarded, along with the weight and condition of the items.

Please have all items emptied prior to removal, to ensure safety for both parties.


If an item that is in fair or better condition is not taken by another department or any other SUNY establishments, then it will be offered up for sale on eBay through Albany OGS as allowable by OGS. Please note if State funded item must be offered up through OGS to other State Muncipipalities prior to being listed on eBay. Monies recuperate from the sale of any item on eBay will be returned to the state general account is state monies is used or to the department spending account if special funding was used.

Surplus Other Than On-Campus

State University Construction Fund (SUCF) guidelines:

  1. Trade-ins are permitted, but a Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form is needed to remove the old asset number assigned to the equipment being traded in.
  2. Local Disposition Authorization (LDA) is necessary for equipment that has little or no value and items that are clearly unusable or repairable.
  3. Usable equipment must be handled in accordance with the SUCF Surplus Process. (See also State Owned Surplus Process Flowchart)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Equipment Dispositions

There are five areas of concern for the Property Control Department when dealing with any of the equipment dispositions.

I. Disposing of Refrigerators

Assuming refrigerators are being discarded, being broken and/or unusable, prior to contacting the Property Control Department please contact the following departments as it relates to your area, for removal of the Freon in the refrigerator. The physical plant will assist you with a licensed contractor, and the requesting department will be liable for all charges.

Points of Contact
West Campus Physical Plant: (631) 632-6400
University Hospital Physical Plant: (631) 444-7962

II. Radioactive Equipment

Removal of Equipment that has contained or contains Hazardous Material, Radioactive Material or a Radioactive Sealed Source.

The Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form is to be completed by the Department requesting pick up of surplus. The form has Hazard Codes (Radiation, Chemical, Biological, Freon, Batteries, and not applicable) on the lower right, for each item being surplus.

If a Department is to surplus an item that qualifies as a hazardous code, they are to contact Environmental Health & Safety at (631) 632-6410 and specify what hazardous materials are involved with the piece of equipment. Depending on the hazardous material involved, EH&S will make a determination and apply the proper decontamination method.

After the decontamination service has been performed the servicing unit will check the appropriate field on the Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form and sign, indicating the item has been cleared for surplus/transfer. Any back up documentation provided by the Servicing Unit can be attached to the Equipment and form.

If Property Control is on site and comes across a piece of equipment marked Radioactive that has not been decommissioned by RPS, then Property Control will notify the Department that we cannot take the piece of equipment until it is cleared by Radiation Protection Services.

Points of Contact
Radiation Safety Coordinator: (631) 632-6410

III. Hospital Surplus

Pick up for hospital surplus is done by the Hospital Housekeeping Department and brought to the Health Science Center Loading Dock for removal.

Points of Contact
Housekeeping: (631) 444-1457
Assistant Director of Receiving and Stores: (631) 444-2636

Please do not leave discarded items in the hallway, this is a fire hazard.

IV. Cell Phones

All cell phones being returned to a department must complete the Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form.

V. Vehicles

After a vehicle is no longer needed by a department and the vehicle is being turned over to the Automotive Garage it is necessary to  complete and submit to the Property Control office the  Report for Surplus and/or Transfer of Personal Property Form .


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