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Research Foundation Guidelines

Receipts are eliminated for incidental expenses under $75, such as tolls, parking, taxis and local bus or train fare. Receipts are still required for lodging and certain transportation expenses, including auto rentals, airfare, and long distance bus or train fare.

Airline insurance is not allowed on Research Foundation IDC travel.

Unreceipted meal allowances for non-overnight travel are $5.00 for breakfast and $12.00 for dinner for all locations. Traveler may claim up to per diem of destination with a receipt. One day meals are reportable.

Personal phone calls will be reimbursed with proper documentation such as a hotel bill or calling card statement. A traveler may claim one call per day not to exceed $5.00.

A traveler will not be reimbursed for the NYS sales tax if a supplier does not honor the Research Foundation sales tax exemption when payment is made with other than RF funds.

When claiming breakfast and/or dinner on the last day of an overnight trip, a traveler may claim the federal per diem for the area of assignment. Receipts are not required. E.g. If returning from Washington, D.C. the meal allowance would be $14 for breakfast and/or $57 for dinner determined by the time of return.

When staying overnight in New York City, hotel operators require travelers to provide the Tax Exempt Organization Certification form (ST-119.1) to claim exemption from the occupancy tax (This form may also be used for all travel expenses and purchases throughout New York State).

If an adjustment needs to made to the meals and incidental expense (M&IE) portion of the per diem when traveling to a foreign territory, meals will be calculated using the New York State Policy (the allowance is 80% for dinner and 20% for breakfast).

If a traveler plans to rent a vehicle while in a foreign territory, the Office of General Counsel and Secretary should be notified beforehand. Call (518) 434-7045 for information on insurance coverage.

Upon conclusion of a trip, Research Foundation campus policy requires submission of original receipts within two weeks of the return date. Please complete the Research Foundation Travel Payment Request form, attach original supporting documentation, and forward to the Office of Grants Management for sponsored funds. Travel on IDC accounts can be sent directly to Procurement/Travel section.