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Travel Checklist

In order to avoid a delay of travel expense reimbursement, here are some reminders for both State and Research travel according to audit requirements. Include the following receipts/documentation where applicable.

Submit an original hotel bill with itemized breakdown of charges.

When your lodging exceeds the federal per diem rate for either domestic or foreign travel, you should submit an over the maximum justification explaining why you stayed at a particular hotel (e.g. conference hotel or site). The hotel rate will automatically be adjusted to the government rate if the justification is not submitted with the voucher.

Lodging location should be identified when traveler is only claiming meals.

When traveling with a coworker on either State or RF funds, each traveler must claim his own lodging, meals and registration fees.

Attach a program/brochure indicating conference dates, location and daily schedule or agenda.

Submit a car rental receipt (rental agreement) and required justification. Taxes in NYS are not reimbursable.

Business call justification: Document purpose, telephone number and party called. (For research funded travel only, a traveler is allowed one personal call per day not to exceed $5.00).

Registration fees require the registration form and one of the following: canceled check, copy of charge statement, or confirmation from the conference event indicating the dollar amount paid.

IRS Mileage Rate
Effective Jan 1, 2018, the new standard mileage rate is $0.545 a mile for business travel. This standard rate for business miles is based on the costs of operating a vehicle such as maintenance and repairs, tires, gasoline, oil, insurance, license and registration fees and depreciation or (leased payments). The new rate applies to State and Research Foundation travel. The previous mileage rate for 2017 was $0.535.
NOTE: For Research Foundation & State relocation: Effective Jan 1, 2018 moving expense mileage reimbursement is $0.18 per mile. The rate for 2017 was $0.17 per mile. These rates are in accordance with IRS regulations.

Telephone number where a contact person can be reached.


Employees may purchase tickets and apply for reimbursement, or apply for a individual travel account to be use with Euro Lloyd, the state contracted travel agency
A Central Travel Account is available for business travel funded by the Research Foundation. Contact Euro Lloyd Travel for a quote; attach to a purchase requisition and forward to the Office of Grants Management for approval. Upon approval requisition will be sent to the Procurement Office on sponsored funds. Requisitions using IDC funds must have proper Dean/VP approval, then sent to Procurement.
Travelers may also purchase tickets on their own and apply for rembursement.

Please confirm all flights directly with the airlines at least 24 hours prior to flight departure.