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Welcome to SSC Campus!

 Welcome to our new appointment system, the Student Success Collaborative (SSC Campus).  SSC Campus is a new tool available for students.  In SSC Campus you will be able to see walk-in availability for academic advisors, faculty advisors, and various offices throughout campus, as well as schedule appointments for participating advisors.  SSC Campus offers much more for students.  Watch the tutorial below to take full advantage of all SSC Campus has to offer.

Please note, SSC Campus is still being implimented throughout campus.  Please be patient as we continue to add more advising and academic departments each month.

Log into SSC Campus and schedule an appointment

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How do I make an appointment?

After clicking on the link above and logging into SSC Campus, click on the "Get Advising" link:


Please select the area of advising followed by the service you would like to make the appointment for:


After continuing to the next step, you will be able to browse walk-in times, and schedule an appointment.

To view walk-in times click on the "View Walk-in Times" button:


To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please click on the "Morning" or "Afternoon" time blocks and select an appointment slot:


In the picture below:

(1)  Please review all appointment details.
(2)  You can leave a comment for the advisor (e.g. describe the nature of your appointment) This is optional.
(3)  You can set reminders for the appointment.


 Don't forget to click on "Confirm Appointment".

Watch the Video Tutorial!

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