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Issued by:
Office of Vice President for Advancement
July, 1989
April, 2009
All fundraising activity for the University’s benefit, including the University Medical Center, Long Island State Veterans’ Home, and Stony Brook Southampton is the responsibility of the staff of the Office of the Vice President for Advancement, and all charitable gifts are accepted and managed by the Stony Brook Foundation for the University’s benefit.
  • University Advancement personnel undergo extensive training and follow established protocols and policies with respect to fundraising activities, including but not limited to the appropriate use of the University’s alumni/donor database and adherence to applicable legal, ethical, and privacy standards of practice.
  • Only fundraising or solicitation of funds that results in a benefit to the University is permitted, unless specifically authorized by the President or designee. Requests for exceptions, though rarely granted, should first be directed to the Vice President for Advancement.
  • Any and all fundraising activities and/or events must be consistent with the mission, goals and mandates of the University. Raffles and other games of chance are not permitted and are not sanctioned by the Stony Brook Foundation.
  • All fundraising activities, except student fundraising events with projected revenues of less than $1,000, must be reported to and coordinated through the Office of the Vice President for Advancement. In this way, conflict is avoided among fundraising programs while donor solicitation is facilitated and relationships with potential major donors are fostered.
  • Solicitation and fundraising to support student activities and projects may not be undertaken on campus without written authorization from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.


The campus mail services may be used for University-approved solicitation or fundraising. Use of campus mail services for unapproved solicitation is specifically prohibited. The University does not honor requests from individuals or organizations outside the University community for mailing lists of faculty, staff, students or alumni.


If the use of equipment or building space is required for a pre-approved fundraising activity, the fundraising group or individual must complete and submit a Facilities Use Request form which is available in the Office of the Director of Student Union Activities.


Office of the Vice President for Advancement
Room 330, Administration
(631) 632-6300

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Room 348, Administration
(631) 632-6700

Faculty Student Association
Room 250, Stony Brook Union
(631) 632-6510

Student Activities Center & SB Union Facilities Operations
Room 222, Stony Brook Union
(631) 632-6820

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