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Issued by:
Offices of the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice President for Health Services/Dean, School of Medicine and Senior Vice President for Administration
September, 2013

Design and construction activity for the State University of New York Facilities, is governed by State Education Law, State Finance Law, State Labor Law, State Economic Development Law and the New York State Department of State Regulations. The legal responsibility for SUNY construction facilities repair and renovation is with the State University Construction Fund (SUCF), SUNY, and the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY).

Only the SUCF, SUNY and DASNY have the authority to enter into design and construction contracts for University facilities or property. Consequently, no other entity, regardless of funding source, may enter into these agreements.


The Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) on Stony Brook campuses is charged with coordinating the work of these groups. Stony Brook campuses, for the purpose of this policy, includes all buildings and structures on West Campus, Research & Development Park, Southampton and Manhattan campuses, Calverton Incubator and Residential buildings. The Stony Brook Medicine Facilities and Plant Operations (SBMFPO) office is charged with coordinating work in the Health Sciences Tower, Basic Science Tower and Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH).

All types of facilities alterations and improvement work planned by various departments must be coordinated with either CPDC or SBMFPO. Such coordination is essential for compliance with health and safety regulations, New York State Department of Building Codes and SUCF design and construction directives. These regulations, codes and directives define appropriate methods to maintain, repair and renovate facilities, and help the University preserve its’ campuses. Departments, colleges and schools should submit a “project request” form to CPDC or SBMFPO to initiate a project. Project requests may be submitted on-line through the Building Manager. Questions regarding the project requests or process can be directed to the CPDC office at 632-6440. Please follow SBMFPO Procedure A106 for projects at the Stony Brook Medicine Facilities. Authorized Projects may proceed following the SUNY procurement process, or by using University employees or the Special Funds Estimate method.


Planned alterations and improvements requiring project requests generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal, installation or replacement of floor and wall coverings; including carpeting, fireproofing, etc.
  • Altering access to spaces through new or modified locksets, doors, hardware, keypads, and/or operators;
  • Alteration or penetration of corridors or ceilings;
  • Reconfiguration of existing space; i.e. moving doors, walls, ceilings.
  • Installation of fixed equipment directly tied to building plumbing, heating, ventilating, electrical or structural systems, for example, various laboratory equipment items and fume hoods;
  • Work on any building utility system, including electrical, plumbing, ventilation, air conditioning, control systems, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, security systems, laboratory fume hoods, and telecommunication equipment as well as cabling;
  • Any site or grounds improvements such as additions or changes to roadways, sidewalks and pavement installation;
  • Adding, relocating, removing or painting of doors, walls, windows, built-in casework, interior signage that is attached with bolts and screws, ceilings, shelving, or flooring;
  • Certain alterations of furniture, equipment items, bookshelves, casework that may potentially impede required egress, fire safety systems, and/or relocation and access to existing electrical and communications outlets
  • All exterior signage

All employees must comply with this policy. Employees and departments initiating alterations to facilities without coordination through CPDC whether with paid staff, volunteers, or through an outside contractor—will be responsible for all costs associated with work needing to be brought into compliance with health and safety regulations, building codes and SUCF directives and may be subject to administrative action in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement.


Department of Campus Planning, Design and Construction
Room 160, Research and Support Services Building
(631) 632-6440

Stony Brook Medicine Facilities and Plant Operations
L-1, 140 Health Sciences Center
(631) 444-3722

Director: Residential Operations
Campus Residences: G Quad Offices
(631) 632-6750

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