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Dated: July 18th, 1993

Issued by:
Office of Administration
Policy 78, June 1978
July, 1993

The Division of Facilities Operations coordinates the design and installation of campus signs to assure uniformity of design and compliance with New York State traffic regulations as well as University regulations.

The Sign Committee:
The Sign Committee, composed of representatives from Facilities Operations, University Affairs, Campus Residences, Institutional Services and Health Sciences and chaired by the Campus Landscape Architect, reviews all requests for permanent signs. Signs and notices required for a period of two weeks or longer are considered "permanent" and require the written approval of the Sign Committee prior to purchase or placement. The Campus Architect renders all final decisions on the interpretation and application of standards as approved by the Sign Committee. The Sign Committee also approves placement and text of temporary signs to be affixed to exterior permanent signs, signposts and display boards consistent with the goals and objectives of the campus master plan.
Permanent Signs and Notices:
The Division of Facilities Operations is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all permanent interior and exterior signs, signposts, directional signage as well as temporary directional signs for designated campus events. It accepts, reviews and executes requests for exterior signs as approved by the Sign Committee.
The Office of Facilities Engineering develops and maintains graphic standards for permanent exterior and interior signs.
The placement of regulatory signs (traffic, parking, etc.) requires written approvals of the Directors of Public Safety and of Parking and Transportation. Written approval from the Campus Architect must be obtained for traffic signs and notices that differ in style and language from the New York State Department of Transportation Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
Temporary Signs and Notices:
The Division of Facilities Operations provides staff support for the installation of temporary signs for official University purposes including directional signs for campus events. A fee will be charged for the installation and removal of temporary signs. The division is reponsible for the removal of all unauthorized temporary signs.
Signs for campus events may not be installed or posted on access roads to the University, including Nicolls Road, except at locations designated and approved by the Sign Committee. These signs may not be posted at major entries, interfere with or be affixed to existing signs. Departments, organizations or individuals who attach unauthorized notices to existing signs will be required to reimburse the campus for restoration of the signs.
Temporary signs may not be affixed in any manner to exterior signs, building surfaces or walkways unless approved by the Sign Committee. Temporary signs may not be affixed to interior surfaces without prior approval of the Building Manager. Departments, organizations or individuals placing temporary notices without approval will be required to pay all costs associated with their removal.
University Hospital: Interior Signs
Requests for design and installation of interior signs at the University Hospital are reviewed and approved by the Hospital administration and executed by the Office of General Services.


Campus Landscape Architect
Office of Facilities Engineering
120 Suffolk Hall, Z=6210
(631) 632-6440

Office of General Services
University Hospital
L-1 Health Sciences Center
(631) 444-2640

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