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Issued by:
Office of Administration
PR-152, April 1976
July, 1993
June, 2018


This policy is applicable at all University owned or controlled properties (which may include leased properties), where the University designs, installs and maintains electronic physical security systems.


Stony Brook University is committed to providing a safe and lawful environment for our community. While it is the responsibility of all members of our community to help maintain the safety and security of campus buildings/facilities, the University Police Department (UPD) and the Office of Access Control and Lock Shop, has centralized control and authority over all electronic physical security measures. The following rules must be followed:

1. Keys

The Office of Access Control and Lock Shop is responsible for managing lock and key control for University facilities. The Office of Access Control and Lock Shop is the only department authorized to issue, install, maintain, repair and replace locks, lock cores and keys throughout campus, with the exception of designated departments in the Division of Campus Residences and the University Hospital.

Departments or building managers requesting keys must submit a work order request to the Office of Access Control and Lock Shop via the FIXIT work request system. All grandmaster keys will be issued to individuals with the approval of the University Police Department. Department heads, building managers and other authorized designees are responsible for obtaining employee signatures when keys are issued and returned. Upon separation from the University (i.e.: termination, resignation, service retirement, vested retirement, etc.) all assigned keys must be promptly returned to the issuing department. An exit checklist is available at: https://www.stonybrook.edu/hr/employmentservices/recruiting/exiting_guidelines_resignations.shtml.

Campus Residences, the Long Island State Veterans Home, and University Hospital key requests should follow the processes set by these areas. All departments are responsible for costs associated with installation and replacement of keys and locks.

Unauthorized use or duplication of a University key may result in administrative action. Unauthorized access or use of keys by students is also prohibited by the Code of Student Responsibility.

2. Electronic Card Access

Electronic card access is an important component of the University's physical security efforts. The Office of Access Control and Lock Shop has the sole responsibility for the design, installation and maintenance, and monitoring of all electronic card access systems and associated databases on campus. The electronic card access is designed and maintained to secure campus, including but not limited to, facilities, buildings, critical infrastructure, residence halls/apartments, laboratories, etc.

All University ID Card holders seeking electronic card access to facilities must make such a request to the Office of Access Control and Lock Shop via their supervisor. Once such access is granted, all card holders are expected to comply with the level of access assigned for their individual use, as described by their supervisor.

3. CCTV Cameras

The Office of Access Control and Lock Shop has the sole responsibility for the design, installation and maintenance, and monitoring of all CCTV cameras on campus used for security purposes. This Office is the only Department with the authority to oversee and perform all of these functions. Departments are prohibited from utilizing third party vendors to perform any of these functions.

All CCTV camera footage will be maintained by UPD. Such footage is generally retained for a period of 30 days.

4. Intrusion Detection Systems & Panic Alarms

The Office of Access Control and Lock Shop has the sole responsibility to install and maintain intrusion detection systems and panic alarms on campus. All such systems installed will communicate with UPD dispatch center, which serves as the central monitoring station for campus, and will respond to alarm activations. Departments requesting new system installations and/or user alarm code requests must be directed to the Office of Access Control and Lock Shop. All system testing shall be conducted by UPD or the Office of Access Control and Lock Shop. Departments may not conduct any self-testing of such systems.


Physical Security: The part of security concerned with physical measures, designed to safeguard people; to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, facilities, materials and documents; and to safeguard against a potential security incident.

Physical Security Measures: A device system or practice of a tangible nature designed to protect people and prevent damage to, loss of, or unauthorized access to assets. Such measures includes keys, electronic card access, CCTV cameras, and intrusion detection systems and panic alarms.


University Police Department, Office of Access Control & Lock Shop
Central Stores
(631) 632-6407

Hospital Lock Shop, East Campus
Room 040, Health Sciences Center
(631) 444-1959 (Primary Line)
(631) 444-1913

Director: Residential Operations
Campus Residences: G Quad Offices
(631) 632-6750

Director: Physical Plant (Long Island State Veterans Home)
(631) 444-8780

Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration
Room 225, Administration Bldg.
(631) 632-6100

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