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Issued by:
Office of Administration
February, 1991
February, 2009
The University may restrict access to the campus by any visitor (i.e. a person who is neither a student nor an employee of this University) who commits any serious offense on University grounds, or when University Police deem it necessary in the immediate interest of public safety. Such offenses include violations of the SUNY Board of Trustees Rules of Public Order. This restriction may be implemented prior to a Presidential imposition of a "persona non grata" status for the alleged offender.


The Chief of University Police is authorized by the President to issue letters of temporary restriction to alleged offenders, thereby restricting access to campus, or from parts thereof, for a period of up to seven (7) calendar days.
The letter is served upon an alleged offender by a University Police Lieutenant, Detective, or other individual duly authorized by the Chief of University Police. It identifies the alleged conduct that compelled the imposition of the restriction and specifies that the recipient is subject to arrest should the restriction be violated. The letter details the time limitations for which it applies. This procedure may be implemented in the immediate interest of public safety or when arrests are made for the following offenses:
  • felonies
  • sex crimes
  • assaults where there is documented physical injury
  • weapon offenses
A copy of the letter is signed by a University Police Lieutenant, Detective, or other individual duly authorized by the Chief of University Police who indicates the date, time and place of the service. This form is kept on file in the University Police Department.
Should an emergency require the restricted individual return to campus for a short interval, the individual must obtain permission from the Chief of University Police prior to entering onto campus property. If deemed necessary, the individual will be escorted by a University Police Officer during their visit.


University Police
Duchess Hall
(631) 632-3333

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