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Issued by:
Office of Administration
May 2008 (replaced Policy 13, October 1974)
July 2015

Policy: Business Relationships

Business relationships between faculty and students that actually or potentially entail obligations or concessions that may compromise the academic integrity of either party or the academic program are not permissible.

Additionally, all full- and part-time University staff, as State employees, are subject to the ethics provisions of the New York State Public Officers Law that prohibits acceptance of any personal gift of more than nominal value (see link to Public Officers Law provided below). Individuals engaged in such behavior are subject to disciplinary and/or legal action.

Policy: Financial Transactions

It is the policy of the University that its faculty and staff members have no direct financial dealings with its students on any University matter. Such payments shall be made to the fiscal office specified by the Vice President for Finance or University Controller. Unless otherwise indicated, this shall be the Office of the Bursar. Additionally:

  • The establishments of all fees require the University Controller's approval.
  • All course materials, including text books, test cases, abstracts, or any "handouts", should be reproduced in conformity with applicable copyright policies and regulations and sold only through appropriate outlets, e.g., the campus bookstore.
  • The Office of Student Services or other offices specified by the Vice President for Finance shall be responsible for billing of all services and materials unless otherwise approved by the University Controller.

Policy Inquiries

Office of Student Services
Room 276, Administration Building
(631) 632-6175

University Controller
Room 460, Administration Building
(631) 632-6040

Human Resource Services
Room 390, Administration Building
(631) 632-6161

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