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Issued by:
Office of Administration
April, 2016

Human Resource Services (HRS) Payroll/Check Disbursement Unit is responsible for the safe handling and timely disbursement of all payroll checks/advices to eligible employees.

The Payroll/Check Disbursement Unit distributes paychecks to employees through Authorized Check Disbursement Designees.
A current "Record of Authorized Signatures Form" must be on file with the Paycheck Distribution section of the Human Resource Services Office on West Campus, authorizing individuals to receive and disburse paychecks/advices.
Authorized Check Disbursement Designees
  • Only State/RF employees may be selected by the Department Head as 'Authorized Check Disbursement Designees' (students and temporary agency employees are not eligible).
  • Payroll checks/advices will be released only to Authorized Check Disbursement Designees. A copy of the paycheck roster will be attached.
  • When a Department Head or Authorized Check Disbursement Designee requests, in writing, an employee other than the Authorized Check Disbursement Designee to pick up departmental paychecks/advices on a one-time basis, pre-approval must be received from HRS Payroll/Check Disbursement.
Signature Identification
Paychecks/Advices must be signed for by the Authorized Check Disbursement Designee to whom it is released. The following forms of identification will be accepted:
  • Valid Stony Brook University ID card (required for all University Hospital employees)
  • Valid State driver's license
  • Valid passport
Paycheck Distribution
  • The Authorized Check Disbursement Designee must not distribute Paychecks/advices to those employees who are not entitled to receive a paycheck.
  • Only HRS may authorize paychecks/advices to be mailed to employees.
  • Undistributed paychecks/advices must be returned to HRS Payroll. Following OSC Guidelines, paychecks that remain undistributed will be returned to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC). Advices will be shredded, after one month.
  • A copy of the signed paycheck roster must be maintained by the Authorized Check Disbursement Designee for 6 months from the original paycheck date.


For information related to this policy, the following office may be contacted:

Human Resource Services
Paycheck Distribution
Room 390, Administration Building
(631) 632-6181

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