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Issued by:
Office of Administration
October 2008

Stony Brook University (SBU) is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its students, employees, patients, visitors and volunteers.

The University will not employ anyone whose prior criminal conviction would indicate a direct relationship (nexus) between the criminal conviction(s) and employment creating a risk to property or safety.

Criminal background and social security number verification checks will be performed on any/all State or Research Foundation positions subsequent to an offer of employment.

  • Applicants will be notified of the criminal background checking policy. Each prospective hire will undergo a Social Security number verification and a criminal background check.
  • Any applicant who is discovered to have past criminal convictions will be evaluated for employment. If there is a direct relationship (nexus) between one or more of the criminal convictions and employment, or the granting of employment would involve an unreasonable risk, the applicant will be denied employment. Factors that will be considered include:
    • Specific duties and responsibilities related to employment.
    • The bearing, if any, the criminal conviction (s) will have on ability to perform job duties.
    Stony Brook University reserves the right to revoke an offer of employment of an individual who falsifies or misrepresents information contained in their application for employment (and/or materials submitted by the individual as part of the application process).

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