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Issued by:
Office of Administration
April 2008

Pursuant to Article 129-A of the New York State Education Law 6437 (Prohibition on the marketing of credit cards) the advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards to students by vendors is prohibited by the University, except those published in newspapers, magazines, or similar publications, or in accordance with the following guidelines.

Except as otherwise permitted in this policy, credit card advertising or solicitation to students is not permitted on University premises. This includes advertising or solicitation at campus vendor tables, as well posting or distribution of applications, fliers, posters, handbills and signage (electronic and otherwise) in University facilities. The University's e-mail system or web pages may not be used for advertising or solicitation of credit cards to students.

Banks, credit unions and other businesses approved to be present at student orientations/opening of school weeks or other campus activities may not provide credit card applications to students during those events.

No campus employee, student group, or campus department may accept financial support or other goods and services from credit card issuers or vendors in exchange for allowing them to market credit cards to students.

The University banking service providers may provide credit card applications at their campus branch , as part of the array of services offered to students who are current bank/credit union account holders. However, campus banking service providers may not conduct special credit card promotions at any campus branch, including offering gifts or prizes to students in exchange for credit card information, handouts or applications, and must abide by the policies set forth above.

Credit card policies must be clearly displayed by the credit unions or banks at each campus branch. Copies of the credit card policies must be distributed to all individuals who receive or submit an application.


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221 Administration Building
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