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Parking Enforcement

Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations pertaining to parking and traffic enforcement on the Stony Brook University Campus can be found in  Part 584 of  SUNY's Policies & Procedures.

Use of parking permits acknowledges responsibility to operate a vehicle on campus in accordance with Stony Brook University parking rules and regulations above. Following are highlights:

  • When parking on campus, display the permit by hanging it from the rear-view mirror support, facing outwards.
  • Permit may be transferred only to any vehicle being used by the original permit purchaser. Your permit may not be transferred to anyone else.
  • Report theft or loss of permits immediately to (631) 632-AUTO. There is a $10.00 replacement fee.
  • Permits may not be altered in any manner (other than the application of approved validation stickers).
  • Ownership of permits with the University is not transferable.
  • Resale or unauthorized use of permits is prohibited.

Parking Permits

If you park on campus, your vehicle must be registered and display a valid parking permit. You should  not park on campus until you have a valid parking permit properly displayed on your vehicle. Violators are obligated to pay all parking tickets incurred and should not assume a favorable decision. The University only recognizes parking permits issued by Parking Services or  official disabled parking permits. All other parking permits are invalid. For information on how to obtain a parking permit, please visit the Parking Permit Website.

Parking Lots and Garages

The University has three multi-tiered parking garages on campus to serve faculty, staff, students and visitors. Two of these garages, the Hospital Garage and the Health Sciences Center Garage, are located on East Campus. The third one, the Administration Garage, is located on West Campus. For additional information on rates and contact information please visit the Parking Garage Website.

Parking is permitted in any unrestricted lot during evenings & weekends. Lots are generally unrestricted and available for anyone to park from 4:00p to 7:00a, Monday -Friday, and at all times Saturday & Sunday unless otherwise noted. Check for signs at parking lot entrances for restrictions. Please note the following:

  • Metered parking lots  (orange color-coded) must be paid from 07:00AM to 07:00PM, Monday through Friday but are free at all other times.
  • Premium parking lots  (brown color-coded) all require a Premium permit. These lots include the following Brown Zones: Stadium Lot, Life Sciences 1 & 2, Simons Center and Dental School.
  • The Administration Garage is free on Saturday and Sunday.

The following parking maps show the locations of all Stony Brook University parking  facilities, such as parking garages, permit parking lots and metered lots locations. It is color-coded to show which permits apply to which lots.

Special Event Parking

The Office of Transportation & Parking Operations coordinates parking needs for all Stony Brook University special events. Regardless of the special event, the Office of Transportation & Parking Operations will provide parking lot coordination assistance as best as possible, as dependent on the event date, time and size.

Please contact the Office of Transportation & Parking Operations at (631) 63 2-6219 for additional information on special event parking. The office requests that you have all of the following information readily available:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Time
  • Event Location (at SB)
  • SB Department/Office and/or Affiliation
  • Estimated Attendance
  • Any Special Needs

Parking Tickets

The University Police enforces parking rules with the following in mind:

  • Life safety infractions such as fire lanes, handicapped spaces, and maintaining access are paramount
  • Protection of permit holder parking privileges must be provided
  • To maintain order and equity, so that our campus is accessible

Parking tickets may be paid online through the Stony Brook Parking System or in person at the Bursar's Office, 2nd floor Administration Building, on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 08:30a to 04:00p and on Tuesday from 10:00a to 04:30p when classes are in session. You may also mail payments to the following address:

PO BOX 619
STONY BROOK NY 11790-0619

Checks should be made out to "Stony Brook University Acct. No. 900819." Please include the ticket number(s) on the check.

Information on Parking Infraction Fines can be found here.

Parking Ticket Appeals

Appeals must be submitted within 14 calendar days following the date of issuance. Parking tickets can be appealed using the  Stony Brook Parking System  or you may go to the Bursar's Office (Administration Building 2 nd  floor lobby) to complete an appeal form. Decisions are generally made within 2-4 weeks using the same method in which the appeal was received. If you do not receive a response within 4 weeks, please contact us at .

Traffic Appeals Board

You may appeal the Hearing Officer's decision to the Traffic Appeals Board (TAB). Written appeals submitted for consideration by the TAB must be filed within 14 days of the date on which the hearing officer rendered a decision. Appeals received after this date will not be accepted (exceptions may be granted due to extenuating circumstances). Call (631) 632-AUTO or email:  to make an appointment to see the TAB. You may appear in person, submit additional written material to support your appeal or rely on information already supplied. You will be informed of the decision by mail unless instructed otherwise. All decisions made by the Traffic Appeals Board are final.

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