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Start your PCLP group

Watch our 3-minute video explaining what PCLP can do for you here!

Check our poster presented at the NPA Annual Conference 2021 here!
See the slide of our Show & Tell at the GCC Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2021 here!


Our PCLP Toolkit

PCLP Moderation Guide CoverContact us to request more information about the PhD Career Ladder Program, how to join our multi-institutional groups, and adapt our peer-led career development program at your institution.

PCLP is easily adaptable to your institution with our PCLP Toolkit, which includes:

  • A moderation guide for the program (7 steps; introduction optional)
  • A repository of email templates, videos, handouts, resources for your peer leaders and for your participants
  • Training and support for your peer leaders, so they can lead a group at your institution

Once we train your leaders, they can use the PCLP Toolkit to recruit interested participants and start their own group!

To find more info, explore our website:



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