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Move, Copy and Rename  Files

You can access Move, Copy and Rename in one of two ways:

From the  Pages List view, click the Three Horizontal Dots on the desired file and then from the File menu, select Move or Copy or Send to Recyle Bin/Delete

move a file





From the  Pages List view, select the checkbox for a file and from the top row click Move, Copy or Rename.

move a file


Copying a File

When you select Copy, the file you're copying will appear with '-1' added to the end of the filename. You can then go back to the file / options dropdown and select 'Rename' to create a new filename.


Moving a File

After selecting 'Move', in the ensuing dialog box, browse to the directory where you'd like to move the file. Click the Show Files checkbox to view the files and subdirectories within directories if you'd like.

When the desired directory is located, click the Move button. 

Using Drag and Drop

A file may be moved or copied by dragging the file from the File Navigation sidebar to the desired location in the main content area. 

1. Navigate to the appropriate directory for the file to be moved to in the  Pages List view. 

2. If necessary, expand the  File Navigation using the folder button in the top left of the screen, and locate the file to be moved. 

3. MOVE: Drag the file from the File Navigation into the main content area to where the file should be moved. 

COPY: Holding Control (PC) or Option (Mac), drag the file from the File Navigation into the directory to where the file should be copied.


move by drag and drop

Moving or Copying Multiple Files

Multiple files can be moved or copied in the same action by selecting the checkboxes found to the left of each file, and then clicking the Move or Copy button at the top of the page list. All files within a directory may be selected at one time by clicking the checkbox at the top of the list. The destination location to move to can be browsed to or entered manually.

1. To move or copy multiple files at one time, do one of the following: 

  • Select the checkbox at the top of the list to select all files, and click Move or Copy. Files can be deselected individually by clicking the checkbox for a file. 
  • From the  Pages List view, select the checkbox for each file to be moved and from the top row, click  Move or Copy.

2. From the dialog box, browse to the directory path to which to move or copy the file.

3. When the desired location has been selected, click the  Move or Copy button. 

Renaming a File

A file can be renamed from the Pages list view by hovering and from the File menu, selecting Rename. Note that a file does not have to be checked out to be renamed. Renaming a file changes its name on both the staging and production servers.

Deleting a File

Selecting delete will result in a dialogue box that will confirm whether you want to delete the file by entering the word 'delete' as confirmation. Better safe than sorry!