Stony Brook University SBU Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
NSL Staff

Dr. Thomas K. Hemmick
      Lab Director
Dr. Linwood L. Lee
      Associate Director
Ms. Socoro Delquaglio
      Project Staff Assisitant
Richard Lefferts
      Lab Manager
Andzrej Lipski
      Accel Specialist
A Talk on Lab History
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The Faculty

Dr. Linwood L. Lee
Founder of the NSL and its director from 1966-1982. Dr. Lee is now Professor Emeritus at Stony Brook. He teaches Classical Physics (Phy 125,126,127), is Associate Director of the NSL and a member of CASE.
Dr. Gene D. Sprouse
Member of the NSL from 1968-2007 and its director from 1983-1987 and 1996-2007.. Dr. Sprouse is now Editor-in-Chief of the American Physical Society, one of the society's three operating officers. An APS announcement about Dr. Sprouse
Dr. Peter Paul
Member of the NSL from 1968-2001 and its director from 1992-1996. Dr. Paul is an active member of the T2K Experiment
Dr. David B. Fossan
Member of the NSL from 1968-2003 and its director from 1987-1988. Tragically, Dr. Fossan passed away in 2003. A remembrance
Dr. Robert L. McGrath
Member of the NSL from 1968-1997 and its director from 1989-1992. Dr. McGrath is retired from serving as Provost and Vice-President for Brookhaven Affairs of Stony Brook University.
Dr. Peter Braun-Munzinger
Member of the NSL from 1978-1984. With Dr. Johanna Stachel (NSL,1984-5) , originators of the Stony Brook Relativistic Heavy Ion Group. Dr. Braun-Munzinger is now Head of the Nuclear Physics Division of GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Norbert Pietralla
Member of the NSL from 2003-2006. Dr. Pietralla is now Professor and Director of the Institute for Nuclear Physics at Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

Post-docs and Grad Students

NSL post doctoral fellows, Ms and PhD students have gone on to contribute to science, industry, education and government all over the world. This Google Map is a crude summary of where and what some of them are up to. A Map of NSL People